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List of Orthodox Internet communities

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more blog links
*[ Greek Orthodox HQ] at [ Greek-Orthodox]
* [ Orthodox Collective]
*[ Orthodoxy Community] at [ LiveJournal]
<!---- *[ St. Blog's Parish] is a searchable aggregated syndication feed of Catholic and Orthodox blogs. Note: '''Mostly Catholic''' ----->
* [ Orthodox Education] Resources & Ideas for teaching children about the Orthodox Christian Faith
* [ The Liturgical Year for Little Ones] A compilation of crafts and activities to carry one through the Orthodox Church year.
* [ The Orthodox Catechism Project] Presented by the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Denver, an aid to creating Sunday School curriculums
* [ Sunday School Information] Geared as a resource for a particular church, but interesting to others as well. Written by Elissa Bjeletich.
'''Icons & Iconography'''
* [ Lost Innocents] Practical helps for miscarriage from an Orthodox Christian perspective
* [ Orthodox Church Quotes] Simply quotes of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church fathers, saints, elders, hymns, prayers, and services.
* [ Orthodox Christian Medicine] - Fr. Symeon Kees
'''Official Church sites'''
<!---* [ Pactum Serva] - Orthodox blog on subjects ranging from Theology to Culture to Politics-->
* [ A Day's Journey] - Reflections on Daily Life from a Mother, Wife, & Christian
* [ Death to the World] - The Last True Rebellion
* [ Deb on the Run]
* [ Dust and Ashes] - "..but I have chosen you out of the world."
* [ Glen Rose Farm] - "Notes from a Hillside Farm; being Musings and Observations on Life, Letters, and our Most Holy Faith, by a Lawyer, Sheep-farmer, and Communicant of the Orthodox Church"
* [ I am hope]
* [ I'm Just Jamey]
* [ Jen Schroedel], Orthodox Author
* [ Kevin Basil] - "Decimation and Reconstruction"

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