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List of Orthodox Internet communities

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* [ Byzantine, TX] - An Eastern Christian blog
* [ A Catechumen's Walk] - "My thoughts and meditations as I delve into the ancient paths of the Church"
* [ Cill Dara]
<!---* [ Pactum Serva] - Orthodox blog on subjects ranging from Theology to Culture to Politics-->
* [ A Day's Journey] - Reflections on Daily Life from a Mother, Wife, & Christian
* [ Fr. Rauno Pietarinen's blog] ([[Church of Finland]]) in Finnish
* [ Mother Kristoduli's blog] (The Convent of [[Lintula]], [[Church of Finland]]) in Finnish
* [ moinillon au quotidien] Daily readings, lives of saints, interesting stories of interest to Orthodox (French, with a bit of Russian)
*[ Greek Orthodox Church of Bordeaux, France] Official Blog of the Greek Orthodox Church and Hellenic Community of Bordeaux (in French). The Church is dedicated to "The Entry of the Most Holy Theotokos into the Temple" and belongs to the Ecumenical Patriarcate of Constantinople.
* [ Saint-Materne] Musing on the roots of Orthodox Belgium, 19 centuries Christian. (in French)
* [ Wüstenlicht] Light of the Desert (German, with occasional posts in English)
* [ Edition Hagia Sophia Verlag] Blog site of the publisher "Edition Hagia Sophia" which publishes Orthodox books in German
* [ Lithurgy, Theology, and other topics] by hieromonk professor PhD Petru Pruteanu, dean of the Pastoral Theological Faculty from Edinet Moldavia (Romanian)
* [ Orth-o-matic] - from Plamen Sivov, in Bulgarian

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