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'''Dormition of Our Loady Lady of Mount Royal''' (Holyrood) is a [[Western Rite]] [[stavropegial]] [[monastery]] of the [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia]] (ROCOR). It is currently located in Jacksonville, Florida.
== History ==
Founded ===Old Catholicism===After three years of working toward restoring an authentic Benedictine Rule in the West, the [[monk]] Dom Augustine Harding founded the original monastery on March 7, 1910 as an near Chicago, Illinois under the auspices of the [[Old Catholic monastery]] Church. The community grew, and by the 1930s, began its scholarly restoration of early [[Liturgy|liturgics]] pre-dating the [[Great Schism]]. In 1938, the community moved to Woodstock, New York, where it was re-dedicated to [[Theotokos|Our Lady]] of Mount Royaland had its canonical enclosure set up in 1940. Eight years later, the monastery's mission buildings were destroyed by fire on New Years Day, which forced the brethren to abandon the grounds and work continued under disperse. In 1958, Dom [[Augustine Whitfield]] was elected as the second [[Old Catholicabbot]] auspices until 1962under the promise to continue the monastery's original mission of a restored Western monastic observance to its original pre-schismatic form. ===Western Rite Orthodoxy===In that year 1962, the community was received into the patriarchal Russian Orthodox Church by its American [[exarch]], Bishop [[Dositheus (Ivanchenko) of New York|Dositheus (Ivanchenko) of New York]]. For several years, the [[monk]]s monks of Mount Royal staffed a Western Rite chapel in the Russian Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Manhattan, later moving to Woodstock, New York. Bishop Dositheus' successor, Archbishop [[John (Wendland) of New York and the Aleutians|John (Wendland)]], blessed and confirmed the Western Rite observance and mission of Mount Royal and the leadership of its [[abbot]], Dom [[Augustine Whitfield]].
In 1975, under Abbot Augustine, the monastery was received into the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia by Archbishop [[Nikon (Rklitski) of Florida|Nikon (Rklitzsky)]], who again authorized and blessed its mission and observances.
In 1993, the former Prior of Mount Royal, Dom [[James (Deschene)]] founded [[Christminster]] in Rhode Island, which subsequently relocated to Hamilton, Ontario.
On Sunday, July 4, 2010, Abbot Augustine reposed<ref>[ Jacksonville, FL: Abbot Augustine (Whitfield) has reposed in the Lord]</ref> and was succeeded as abbot by Dom David (Pierce), whom he had nominated to Metropolitan [[Hilarion (Kapral) of New York|Hilarion (Kapral) of Eastern America and New York]] before his repose.
On Sunday, March 23, 2014 Dom [[David (Pierce)]] reposed in the Lord<ref>[ Abbot David (Pierce) and Archpriest Alexander Atty reposed in the Lord]</ref>.
* Dom Augustine Harding: 1910-1958 (Old Catholic hierarchy)
* Dom Augustine Whitfield: 1958-2010 (1958-1962 Old Catholic)
* Dom David Pierce: 2010-2014
==External links==
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* Dom Augustine Whitfield (Abbot of Mount Royal). ''[ Directions for the Celebration of The Western Orthodox Liturgy Commonly Called the Mass].'' Revised Edition. Privately Printed, 1975. <small>(Usage of Mt Royal - Part 1)</small>
* Dom Augustine Whitfield (Abbot of Mount Royal). ''[ The Order for the Celebration of The Western Orthodox Liturgy].'' <small>(Usage of Mt Royal - Part 2)</small>
* Dom Augustine Whitfield. ''Mount Royal - the monastery of Mount Royal, a Brief History (revised 2011)''

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