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Nectarios of Pentapolis

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External links: Added links to (1) Orthodox Church Quotes & (2) Mothers and the Upbringing of Children
*[ Saint Nektarios of Egina] (Life and Writings)
*[ Writings Of Saint Nectarios Of Aegina: Selected Passages From The Writings Of Orthodox Saints]
*[ Quotes of St. Nectarios] - [ Orthodox Church Quotes] website
*[ Some Miracles of St Nectarios Metropolitan of Pentapolis]
*[ Visiting Aghios Nectarios, Aegina island, Greece (departing from Athens) - With photos]
*[ Icon of St. Nectarios of Aegina]
*[ YouTube video about St. Nectarios of Aegina]
*[ Mothers and the Upbringing of Children] by our father among the Saints NECTARIOS Bishop of Pentapolis, the Miracle-Worker - pdf

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