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Mark (Arndt) of Berlin

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Abp. Mark has been one of the most ardent supporters of Church unity between ROCOR and the [[Church of Russia|Moscow Patriarchate]], and worked tirelessly to see this goal achieved. From 1993 to 1997, he headed the dialog between the German based [[diocese]]s of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia and the Moscow Patriarchate in the re-united Germany. Since 2000, he has been the President of the Committee on the Unity of the Russian Church, and since 2003, the President of the Commission on talks with the Moscow Patriarchate. This was a large part of the impetus which brought about the reunification of the ROCOR and Moscow Patriarchal churches, which finally took place in 2006.
7-12 June 2009 he was a participant of the Pan-Orthodox Pre-Council Conference IV of the Russian Orthodox Church.
Since July 27, 2009 he is Member of the Inter-Council Presence of the Russian Orthodox Church.
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