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== The Who's Who ==
My name is Paul Barrera. I am a Church Reader and one of the Faithful of the Orthodox Church.
I was born in Redmond, Washington and raised in Bellevue of the same state.
I attended Seattle University, where I earned my BA in History. I wrote two research papers: one on the disunity of the Iberian crowns and the Spanish Church in the eleventh century, and the other on the religious factions in Mexico City during the era of independence.  I am currently back at Seattle University, attending the School of Law to obtain a JD. I am a first year law student (1L).
Since my freshman year of college, I have lived (mostly) in Seattle.
On the Sunday of All Saints 2008, I was married at St Spiridon Orthodox Cathedral, my home parish.
On December 15, 2013, His Eminence, Archbishop [[Benjamin (Peterson) of San Francisco|BENJAMIN]] tonsured and ordained me a Church Reader. I also sing in the choir and , ring the bells. I also and manage the parish bookstore.
I enjoy pilgrimages to monasteries. One of my best friends is a monastic.

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