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Sigfrid of Växjö

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Sigfrid is said to have been born in Glastonbury, England in the second half of the 10th century. It is said that St. [[Alphege]], [[Archbishop of Canterbury]], converted him to the Christian faith. Sigfrid was an eminent priest in York who was sent by the legendary ''King Mildred'' to assist in the Christianization of Scandanavia. It is theorized that this could have been King Æthelred II the Unready.
At the behest of Olaf I Tryggvason, Sigfrid arrived in Norway in 995 with two bishops and his three nephews who were Cluniac [[monks]]: Unaman the [[priest]], Sunaman the [[deacon]], and Winaman the [[subdeacon]]. There he became a court bishop for the Norwegian King and travelled to the isle of Godey in Saltenfjorden with him to engage the a tenacious adversary of the Christianity, the renowned pagan sorcerer Raud the Strong. Inclement weather prevented landfall, so Sigfrid took his liturgical [[vestments]] to the prow and, lighting tapers and [[incense]], placed a [[cross]] upon the stern and read from the [[Holy Gospel]] before [[blessing]] the vessel with [[holy water]]. The sail was ordered to be stowed away and the king's ships rowed into the ford, at which point a miracle occurred wherein their passage stayed calm while a storm raged around them.
Due to the Battle of Svolder of 999-1000, Sigfrid and his nephews left for Sweden in 1002 where they founded three churches in Västergötland (West Gothland). This area was already being Christianized by the bishop Odinkar Hvite the Elder, who was based in Skara. Thus Sigfrid and his nephews went east to the region of Värend in Småland to continue their missionary efforts, erecting first a cross and then building a wooden [[Church architecture|church]] on the shores of Växjö Lake. Soon, eleven prominent men of the area were soon brought to the Christian faith and [[baptism|baptized]] in a spring near the mountain Ostrabo. Their influence began a steady stream of pilgrims, who flocked to hear the Word of God and gaze upon Sigfrid's silken vestments, gold and silver vessels, and other beautiful objects brought with him from England. King Olof Skötkonung soon became curious and sent a trusted councilor to investigate the matter. According to the councilor, as Sigrid lifted the [[paten]] during the [[Divine Liturgy]], the [[prosphora]] became a young Boy, whom he kissed, at which time the vision disappeared. Astonished by this, the king sent for the holy bishop immediately; but en route, Sigfrid made a detour in Utvängstorp to enlighten and baptize the people there.

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