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David (Mahaffey) of Sitka

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His Grace, the Right Reverend '''Hieromonk David(Mahaffey) of Sitka''' (secular name '''Sterry David Sterry Mahaffey Jr''') is an the current [[hieromonkBishop]] of the [[Orthodox Church in America]] who was nominated on [[September 15]], 2012 by the delegates to the Assembly of the [[Diocese of Alaska (OCA)|Diocese of Sitka and Alaska]] as the candidate for election as Bishop of Sitka and Alaska by the [[Holy SynodOrthodox Church in America]].
On October 9-11, 2012 the Holy Synod of OCA accepted Archbishop [[Benjamin (Peterson) of San Francisco|Benjamin’s]] presentation of Hieromonk David (Mahaffey) as the nominee for the Episcopal See of Alaska<ref>[ Holy Synod of Bishops concludes fall session]</ref>.
On Friday, February 21, 2014, Hieromonk David was consecrated Bishop of Alaska during a Hierarchical Liturgy by [[Metropolitan]] [[Tikhon (Mollard) of Washington]], Archbishop Benjamin, Bishop [[Michael (Dahulich) of New York]], Bishop [[Irineu (Duvlea) of Dearborn Heights]], and Bishop [[Irénée (Rochon) of Quebec City]] at St Innocent Cathedral in Anchorage, Alaska. Co-serving the bishops were [[Chancery office of the Orthodox Church in America|Chancellor for the Orthodox Church in America]] [[Archpriest]] [[John A. Jillions]], [[Chancellor]] of the Diocese of Alaska Archpriest Victor Nick, and 40 other priests from around the diocese. A banquet was held in his honor that evening at the University of Alaska’s Lucy Cuddy Center in Anchorage.
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* [ Diocese of Alaska nominates Archpriest David Mahaffey to vacant See of Sitka and Alaska]
* [ Hieromonk S. David Mahaffey, Jr. - Hieromonk]
*[ The Episcopal Consecration of Bishop David of Sitka and Alaska]
*[ Banquet honoring Bishop David held at University]
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