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Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece

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updated list of hierarchs; listed source as external link;
==Primates (1935-present)==
*Metropolitan Germanos of Demetrias (1935-1943)*Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Florina (1943-1955)*Archbishop Akakios of Athens (1960-1963)*Archbishop Auxentios of Athens (1963-1986)*Archbishop Chrysostomos II of Athens (1986-2010)*'''Archbishop Kallinikos of Athens (2010-present)'''
==Current hierarchs==
===Metropolitans===*Metropolitan Akakios of DiavliaAttica and Diavleia *Metropolitan Athanasios of Larissa*Metropolitan Maximos of Thessalonicaand Demetrias*Metropolitan Justin Athanasios of EvriposLarisa and Platamon*Metropolitan Pavlos Justin of AmericaEuripos and Euboia*Metropolitan Gerontios of PeiraeusPiræus and Salamis *Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Atticaand Boiotia*Metropolitan Moses of Toronto*Bishop Sergios Demetrios of PortlandAmerica*Bishop Gregory of Christianoupolis*Bishop Theodosios of Vresthena*Bishop Photios of Marathon*Bishop Christodoulos of Theoupolis*Bishop Demetrios Chrysostomos of BostonEtna*Metropolitan Spyridon Cyprian of Australia (retired)Oropos and Phyle
==External link=Bishops===* Gregory of Christianoupolis* Photios of Marathon* Sergios of Portland* Ambrose of Philippi* Ambrose of Methone* Michael of Nora* Silvano of Luni* Klemes (Clement) of Gardikion* Theodosios of Bresthena (Vresthena)* Christodoulos of Theoupolis (Assistant to the Metropolitan of America) [ Official website]* Auxentios of Photike (Assistant to the Metropolitan of Etna)
[ Church ===Retired Hierarchs===* Metropolitan Paul (Pavlos) (formerly) of the Genuine Orthodox Christians America* Bishop Chrysostomos of Christianoupolis* Bishop Johannes of Makarioupolis* Bishop George (formerly) of America]Alania
==External link==
* [ Official website]
* [ Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of America]
* Metropolitan Cyprian of Oropos and Phyle. [ Official Notification: Thursday of the Third Week of the Great Fast, March 7/20, 2014 - The Ecclesiastical Union of the [Church of the] True Orthodox Christians and the Orthodox Community in Resistance]. March 7/20, 2014. 6 pp.
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