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*Bufeev, S. V, [ "Why an Orthodox Christian cannot be an evolutionist"]
*Christensen, Fr. Damascene, [ "Interview with Fr. Damascene"] Hieromonk Damascene speaks about creation with reference to patristic literature.
* Dominick, Jesse [ "A Patristic Perspective on a Crucified Mind: Fr. Seraphim Rose and the Doctrine of Creation"], A St. Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary M. Div. thesis conducted under the guidance of Dr. Christopher Veniam, D. Phil., in which is discussed the theological and spiritual method of obedience of Fr. Seraphim Rose, as especially exemplified in his posthumous work "Genesis, Creation, and Early Man: The Orthodox Christian Vision." The history of Fr. Seraphim's research into the Creation/evolution debate is reviewed, as well as his major theological points as presented through Patristic commentaries, which are compared to the works of Saints, modern elders, and modern theologians from whom Fr. Seraphim had not drawn. The influence of Fr. Seraphim's life and works, especially that on Genesis, is discussed, as well as several arguments from various Orthodox evolutionists.
* Dominick, Jesse [ Orthodoxy and Creationism], a compilation of Patristic and modern quotes about evolution and Genesis; [ Genesis, Creation, and Early Man], George and Elizabeth Theokritoff's review, linked above, with the blogger's critical comments interpolated in bold; [ The Entire Creation was Created Incorrupt], a compilation of patristic quotes; [ Adam and Eve were literally the first people and were created uniquely from all other creatures and subsequent people], a compilation of patristic quotes; [ No Plant Death Before the Fall], a compilation of Patristic quotes about the state of plants in Paradise.
*Gascoigne, Fr. Serafim [ "Evolution" A New Fundamentalism"] from

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