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Daniel William Alexander

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After the death of McGuire in late 1934, the relationship between the South African and the American churches continued to be amicable under a new patriarch in America.
In June 1937, he ordained two of his students, Philip Kiande and [[George (Gathuna) of Nitria|Arthur Gatung’u ]] as priests and two, Harrison Gachukia and Daudi Maina, as deacons and returned to South Africa. In 1941, the African Orthodox Church in South Africa received government recognition.
In 1960, two bishops from the American branch of the AOC, including AOC Patriarch James I, were invited to South Africa by Alexander, now 78 years old, to consecrate two new bishops to provide for an established succession. Shortly after the consecration, James I requested Alexander's resignation, which he refused to do. While in dispute, James and his bishop Motsepe died. Although Alexander apparently reconciled with the new AOC patriarch, Peter IV, Alexander was [[deposition|deposed]] in 1963.

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