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The '''Deanery has, of 17th October 2013, been transformed into the "Antiochian Orthodox Deanery Archdiocese of the United Kingdom British Isles and Ireland''' is a part " by decree of the [[Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese Holy Synod of Antioch which has also created two further archdioceses ... for France and southern / western Europe|Archdiocese of Europe]] headed by [[John (Yazigi) of Western Europe|Metropolitan John (Yazigi) of and Germany with Central Europe]]The [[Dean]] is Archpriest Gregory Hallam, who was appointed on [[December 21]], 2009 Sweden and Scandinavia will have its own Vicariate. He was elevated to A Metropolitan Archbishop for the rank of Archpriest on [[June 19]]British Isles and Ireland will be appointed, 2010most probably in 2014 The Deanery includes fifteen full [[parish]]es Trust (including a [[cathedral]] in Londonthe bank account), as well as seven missions. Initially in 1995 most of and the communities, with Dean (Archpriest Gregory Hallam) will continue for the exception of the cathedral, consisted largely of converts from the Church of Englandtime being. By 2000 this had changed significantly with a much more diverse congregational profile. All of the communities use English as the liturgical language. The mission of the Deanery and the Archdiocese A Patriarchal Vicar Bishop will be appointed soon after 18th October 2013 to which it belongs is to enable the indigenous European cultures to rediscover and reaffirm their Orthodox roots whilst at the same time integrating Orthodox of many other backgrounds in a unified ecclesial whole, oversee the hallmark of catholicitytransition.
==Parishes and Communities==
*[ St Aidan's, Manchester]
*[ St Constantine's, York]
*[ Archdiocesan Facebook Page]
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