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Anatoly (Apostlov) of Montreal

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#REDIRECT His Grace, '''Anatoly (Apostlov) of Montreal''' was the Bishop of Montreal and Canada under the [[jurisdiction]] of the Russian North American Mission ([[Metropolia]]) from 1961 to 1962. ==Life==Born in Russia from Russian mother and Greek father. Fr. Anatoly came to North America from Greece and was [[consecration of a bishop|consecrated]] Bishop of Montreal in 1961. Finding the Canadian climate too harsh, the following year, 1962, he retired as [[bishop]] and returned to Greece where he reposed on [[June 26]], 1976. {{start box}}{{succession|before=Anthony (Tereschenko)|title=Bishop of Montreal<br>Metroplia|years=1961-1962|after=[[Anatolius Sylvester (ApostlovHaruns) of Montreal|Sylvester (Haruns) ]]}}{{end box}}  *[ List of Canadian Bishops]*[ A HIstory of the Archdiocese of Canada]{{stub}} [[Category: Bishops]][[Category:20th-century bishops]][[Category: Bishops of Montreal]]

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