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Holy Synod of Milan

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* Bishop [[Abondius (Bica) of Como|Abondius (Bica)]] of [[w:Como|Como]] and Castrum Leuci ([[w:Lecco|Lecco]])
== Hierarchy 2008 1995-96 == − The composition of the Synod in 2008, before the events of 2011, was as follows:<ref>Western Orthodox Wiki. ''[ The Holy Synod of Milan].'' Retrieved: 2013-08-15.</ref> :'''Italy''' ::* Metropolitan EVLOGHIOS of Milan, First Hierarch ::* Archbishop LUCA of Torcello (now retired) ::* Archbishop ONUPHRIUS of Bergamo (Titular; the Archbishop is the Representative to Eastern Europe for the Synod) ::* Archbishop ABBONDIO of Como (Still with Milano Synod) :'''Spain''' ::* Bishop PABLO of Italica, bishop for Spain and Portugal ::* Bishop IDELFONSO of Valencia, vicar for Spain (Retired - the Synod of Milan have his recent letter - 10 august 2013 - anyway someone tells he left his jurisdiction and went under omophor of bishop John Lobue) :'''Germany''' ::* Bishop BORIS of Germany (Still in the Synod of Milan) :'''America''' ::* Archbishop HILARION of Austin (retired) ::* Archbishop JOHN of New York and New Jersey (defrocked and excomunicated for heresy) ::* Bishop PAVLOS of Maspeth == Hierarchy 1995-96 ==
− The composition of the Synod in 1996, before the breakdown of relationship between Milan and Kiev (with Patriarch Filaret (Denisenko))
This Hierarchy is officially published in the bulletins of the Patriarchate of Kiev (see website of the Synod of Milan where they are currently available)

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