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Holy Synod of Milan

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Since 1997 (before the breakdown of relationships with the [[Patriarchate of Kiev]], the Milan Synod included a number of [[Western Rite]] communities, mainly in the United States, who worship according to pre-schismatic (historically Orthodox) liturgical traditions with the support of the Metropolitan and of the [[Holy Synod]] of Bishops.
Anyway the principal rite of the Synod of Milan is the [[Byzantine Rite]] of the Orthodox Church, celebrated most commonly in the Slavic style but in some parishes in the Greek style.
The [[Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of North and South America and the British Isles]] was an Old Calendarist jurisdiction which was originally comprised of the Archdioceses of America and the British Deanery of the Holy Synod of Milan. It was granted "Autonomous status" on February 14/27, 2011 through Decree #542 of the Milan Synod. The Tomos of Autonomy was definitively suspended by the Holy Synod of Milan and the bishopric of New York was suppressed. His former bishop John defrocked. through Decree #639 of the Milan Synod becouse he joined with the russian group called "[[raphaelites]]"
== Ecclesiastical status ==

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