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Ukranian Autocephalous Orthodox Church in Ukraine

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During 1993-1996 in the UAOC there was a confrontation between the newly elected Patriarch Dymytriy and the administrator of the Patriarchate Archbishop Petro (Petrus). The main reason of the conflict was Bishop Petro’s attempt to gain the power in the Patriarchate that he had received from Patriarch of Mstyslav.
'''In October 1993''', Metropolitan Evloghios, as Primate of the '''[[Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia Church of [[Milan]] of and Western Europe and Canada]]''' '''[[(Holy Synod od of Milan)]]''', was invited in His dignity of First Hierarch in full communion with the [[Ukranian Orthodox Church in the U.S.A.]] to partecipate at the sobor in Kiev for the election of the second Patriarch after [[Mstyslav]].
'''On November 18, 1993''', is confirmed by the Patriarch Volodimir the full right of Metropolitan Evloghios to be part of the Holy Synod of the [[Ukranian Orthodox Church]] - Kievan Patriarchate.

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