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Ukranian Autocephalous Orthodox Church in Ukraine

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'''In spring 1990''' five more episcopal ordinations took place: '''Andrii Abramchuk, Danylo Kovalchuk, Mykola Hroha, Roman Balaschuk, and Volodymymr Romaniuk.'''
The Ukrainian Orthodox Council with the participation of 700 delegates from across Ukraine, including 7 bishops and more than 200 priests, was held in Kyiv on '''June 5-6, 1990'''. The council approved the renewal of the UAOC and chose [[Mstyslav (Skrypnyk)]] as Patriarch of Kyiv and Ukraine. The Statute of the Church was also adopted. Metropolitan Mstyslav was absent from the Council, and he did not accept his election as patriarch right away. [[Metropolitan Ioan BodnarchukBornachuk]] was locum tenens of the patriarchal throne in Kyiv at that time.
'''On October 2, 1990''', the authorities of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic formally registered the UAOC.

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