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"Supersession" in Orthodoxy
Pope St. [[Leo the Great]] in his Sermon on the Passion described Old Testament elements ceasing, or passing into or changing into New Testament ones, noting that ''"the True Sheep had to supersede the sheep which was its antitype"''.<ref>St. Leo the Great, On the Passion, VII.</ref> The idea of [[Typology]] in the Old Testament prophesying the new one is an important concept in Orthodox theology.
The Church father [[Tertullian]] commented: ''"the Creator indeed promised that "the ancient things should pass away,"(Is 43:18-19, 65:17; II Cor 5:17) to be superseded by a new course of things which should arise, whilst Christ marks the period of the separation."''<ref>Tertullian, Against Marcion, Book 3, Chapter 2.</ref> Tertullian commented on the [[St. Apostle Paul]]'s words that God "called you to His grace to another gospel"(Gal 1:6-7) by explaining that St. Paul means ''“'another' as to the conduct it prescribes, not in respect of its worship; … because it is the office of Christ’s gospel to call men from the law to grace."''<ref>Id.</ref>
===Clarifying the Church's use of "Supersession"===

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