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Russian True Orthodox Church (Raphaelites)

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'''True Orthodox Church in Russia''' ('''TOCR''') is non-canonical religius organisation.
The history of the RUSSIAN TRUE ORTHODOX CHURCH begins in 1997, when there was disagreement between the head of RUSSIAN TRUE ORTHODOX CHURCH Iohan, which was part of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church-Patriarchate of Kiev (under the Omophor of Patriarch Demetrios Yarema), and the other bishops.
These differences resulted in that the Council of Bishops June 26, 1997. Bishop Joan of Modzalevsk was defrocked from the priesthood. The refusal of the Patriarch Demetrios (Yarema) to support the solutions the Council of RUSSIAN TRUE ORTHODOX CHURCH caused the the breakdown of the communion between the UAOC-KP and RTOC and the creation of an independent jurisdiction of the RUSSIAN TRUE ORTHODOX CHURCH. In the same year, the church accepted a group headed by Raphael (Prokopyev). He was bishop of "we don't know that church".

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