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The Abbey of the Holy Name (West Milford, New Jersey)

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[[Image:AbbeyCatholicon.jpg|left|thumb|The Chapel at the Abbey of The Holy Name]]The abbey is within the [[Old Calendarists|Old Calendarist]] jurisdiction of the [[Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of North and South American and the British Isles]]. The abbot is Archbishop John (Lobue) of New York and New Jersey.  
In 1997, the bishops of the [[Holy Synod of Milan Synod]], which had by then received a second [[Tomos]] confirming their autonomy in connection with the [[Church of Ukraine (Kiev Patriarchate)]] by [[Patriarch Voldymir ]] of Kiev, received the bishops of the Western Rite Synod into the [[Holy Synod of Milan Synod ]] by a new granting of [[ordination]]. At the same time, Bishop John, who had served as ''[[locum tenens]]'' for First Hierarch after the repose of Metropolitan Joseph in 1990, was given the position of Archbishop of New York and New Jersey. He retained this title after being received into the [[Milan Synod]] through chierothesia (often viewed as a 'confirmatory' or 'conditional' ordinations). Afterward, the American Archdiocese were granted autonomy, and the Milan Synod in Europe, effective April 4, 2011, ceased communion with the new Metropolia due to the Milan Synod's insistence on union with the Patriarch of Moscow, and the Sister Synod's refusal to accept such a union.
==Western Rite work and Services==

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