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Monastery of St. Herman of Alaska (Platina, California)

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Updated feasts, number of monastics, and current superior. I am unsure if the current superior is permanent or temporary.
type=Male Monastery|
superior=Abbot HilarionHieromonk Damascene (Christiansen)|size=~1625|
hq=Platina, California|
music=[[Russian Chant]]|
calendar=[[Julian Calendar|Julian]]|
feasts=—July 27 / August 9 and December 12 / 25 |
website=[ Official Website]
[[Image:Gerasim (Eliel).jpg|left|thumb|100px|Abbot Gerasim (Eliel), second abbot (2000-09)]]Living outside the canonical structure meant Fr. Herman's communities were in a no-man's land ecclesiastically. During the year 2000, Fr. Herman, in failing health, realized the need to rectify their status, and stepped down from his status as their leader. With his departure, the Brotherhood of St. Herman was able to enter the Western American Diocese of the Church of Serbia. Hieromonk Gerasim (Eliel) was elected abbot of the brotherhood, with hieromonk [[Damascene (Christensen)]] elected deputy abbot.
In 2009, Fr. Gerasim was canonically transferred to the Orthodox Church in America and began studies at St. Vladimir's Seminary. Subsequently, Fr. Hilarion was elected abbot, a position he retainsretained until May 2013.

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