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Volodymyr (Romaniuk)

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'''Patriarch Volodymir (Romaniuk)'''
Volodymyr (secular name Vasyl Omelianovych Romaniuk, ukrainian: Василь Омелянович Романюк, russian: Василий Емельянович Романюк; December 10, 1925, Khymchyn – July 14, 1995, Keiv) was the Patriarch of the non-canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Kiev Patriarchate.
On '''October 14, 1993''' he was elected Patriarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Kiev Patriarchy.
== Patriarch of Kiev==
'''On November 18, 1993''', is confirmed by the Patriarch Volodimir the full right of Metropolitan Evloghios to be part of the Holy Synod of the [[Ukranian Orthodox Church]] - Kievan Patriarchate.
On March 20, 1994 Metropolitan Evloghios, receives from the hands of Patriarch Volodimir the Tomos of Autonomy[].

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