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Volodymyr (Romaniuk)

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{{cleanup}}[[File:Volodymyr1.jpg]]'''Patriarch Volodymir (Romaniuk)''' ==History==Volodymyr (secular name Vasyl Omelianovych Romaniuk, ukrainianUkrainian: Василь Омелянович Романюк, russianRussian: Василий Емельянович Романюк; December 10, 1925, Khymchyn – July 14, 1995, KeivKiev) was the Patriarch of the non-canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Kiev Patriarchate.
He was an ex-political (member of OUN) prisoner who was imprisoned by communist Soviets for 17 years (1944–1954, 1972–1979).
On '''October 14, 1993''' he was elected Patriarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Kiev Patriarchy.
== Patriarch of Kiev=='''On November 18, 1993''', is confirmed by the Patriarch Volodimir Volodymyr the full right of Metropolitan Evloghios to be part of the Holy Synod of the [[Ukranian Orthodox Church]] - Kievan Patriarchate. On March 20, 1994 Metropolitan Evloghios, receives from the hands of Patriarch Volodimir Volodymyr the Tomos of Autonomy[].
The title reconfirmed by [[Patriarch Volodymir]] through a new Tomos of Autonomy (1994)<ref>[ Православна Церква Західної Європи и Канади].</ref> is: ''Archbishop of Milan and Longobardy - Metropolitan of Aquileia, Western Europe and Canada.''[]
On July 14, 1995 Patriarch Volodymyr (Romaniuk) suddenly died under somewhat mysterious circumstances, with the official diagnosis being causes related to a heart attack. His burial took place on July 18, 1995. Many religious and faithful called the day of burial black Tuesday, because of confrontations that took place between members of the clergy, laypeople of different denominations and the nationalist militia battling riot police, after an unsuccessful attempt to have him buried on the premises of the Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev. At least two people were killed, dozens more injured. Volodymyr Romaniuk was succeeded by Metropolitan Filaret Denysenko who was enthroned as Patriarch of Kiev and All Rus’ - Ukraine on October 22, 1995.

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