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Holy Synod of Milan

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The diocese was granted a [[tomos]] of [[autonomy]] in 1984 from Archbishop Auxentios in order to pursue missionary work among the non-Orthodox people of the West. The title of the Synod at this time was the ''Metropolia of Western Europe''. After the transference of its first Chief Hierarch, Metropolitan Gabriel of Portugal, to the [[autocephaly|autocephalous]] [[Church of Poland]], Bishop Evloghios of Milan was chosen as second Chief Hierarch and elevated to the rank of [[metropolitan]].
As you can see from the photographs, the position of Metropolitan Evloghios, despite being traditionally Orthodox. He was never and is not now, intransigent towards other Orthodox Churches and never denied the presence of grace in the sacraments of the Church considered official. He with the Holy Synod of Milan, never conformed to the strict rules of the oldcalendarist moviment. With the establishment of full communion between the [[Ukranian Orthodox Church in the U.S.A.]] and the Church of Milan in 1989, the ecclesiology of the Archbishop Evloghios became manifestly Moderate. He was in full communion with Metropolitan [[Mstyslav]] (after First [[Patriarch]] of All Ukraine), manifestally ecumenist and in full communion with Holy See [[ConstanttinopleConstantinople]]. Then [[Metropolitan]] Evloghios was in full communion with the moviment of [[Metropolitan Ioan Bornachuk]] of [[w:Lviv|Lviv]] and after with [[Patriarch Volodymir]] of Kiev (second Patriarch of the Holy See of St. Andrew).
For two years was in full communion with His Holiness Patriarch Filaret of Kiev (ecumenist too).
Today Metropolitan Evloghios remains at the helm of the Holy Synod of bishops of the Church of Milan, which comprises four [[diocese]]s, in Europe, as well as missionary deaneries in England, Spain, France, South Africa and Canada.

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