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Vladimir of St. Julius Island

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In 2004 he left his mother Church and went to another [[jurisdiction]]. After, he has repented he was readmitted to the [[Holy Synod of Milan]] with penance, consisted of a forced retirement. Than he remained until June of 2013 as a [[retired bishop]] by will of the Holy Synod of Milan. After years of retired life and study, the [[Holy Synod of Milan]] reconsidered its position and accepted the request of Vladyka Vladimir to return as a [[bishop]] no longer in forced retirement.
Since June, 2013, is part of the [[Holy Synod of Milan]] full-fledged as ''' "[[Bishop]] of the [[w:St. Julius Island|St. Julius Island]]"''' of [[w:Egina |Egina]] ([[w: Julius of Novara|Julius of Novara]] in Orta).
He is member of the [[Synod of Milan]] and is the head of the "Department of [[Liturgy]]" and of the "Department of [[Canon Law]]".

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