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Holy Synod of Milan

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Today Metropolitan Evloghios remains at the helm of the Holy Synod of bishops of the Church of Milan, which comprises four [[diocese]]s, in Europe, as well as missionary deaneries in England, Spain, France and South Africa.
In 1989, Archbishop Evloghios was in full communion with Metropolitan [[Mstyslav]] Primate of the [[Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the USA]].In october 1993, Metropolitan Evloghios, as Primate of the Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of Milan and Western Europe, was invited in His dignity of First Hierarch in full communion with the [[Ukranian Orthodox Church in the U.S.A.]] to partecipate at the sobor in Kiev for the election of the second Patriarch after [[Mstyslav]]. On 18 November 1993, is confirmed by the Patriarch Volodimir the full right of Metropolitan Evloghios to be part of the Holy Synod of the [[Ukranian Orthodox Church]] - Kievan Patriarchate. On 20 March 1994 Metropolitan Evloghios, receives from the hands of Patriarch Volodimir the Tomos of Autonomy. On 25th December 1995 Patriarch Filaret intimate with a letter sent to the Canadian episcopate, Metropolitan Evloghios not accept American bishops under his omoforion (british island). On 27th December 1996 the Holy Synod of Milan responds to [[w:Filaret (Denysenko!|Filaret (Denysenko)]] that it intended to accept the American episcopate with Chirotesia (John Lobue and Hilarion of Austin), despite the threats and formalizes the final break (protocol 36/1996 of 27th december 1996). Then the full communion with [[w:Filaret (Denysenko!|Filaret (Denysenko)]], ceased in 27th december 1996, before the excomunication from Moscow. The title reconfermed by [[Patriarch Volodymir]] throught a new Tomos of Autonomy (1994)[] is: Archbishop of Milan and Longobardy - Metropolitan of Aquileia, Western Europe and Canada
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