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Apostle James (son of Zebedee)

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At the invitation of [[Jesus]] he left his nets to follow him and is counted among the Twelve Great Apostles. Belonging to Christ's 'inner circle', James was present on Mount Tabor for Christ's [[transfiguration]] and also for his suffering in the garden of [[Gethsemane]]. Following [[Pentecost]], St. James preached in Spain, and upon his return to Jerusalem the Jews would argue with him vehemently concerning the [[Holy Scripture]]s. None could withstand his wisdom, however.
Seeing this the Jews slandered him before Herod and among some [[false witness]]es there was a certain Josias. But in hearing St. James' testimony, Josias believed and was condemned to death with James. Before the axe fell, St. James embraced and kissed this repentant false witness and said, "Peace and forgiveness to you!" St. James was [[martyr]]ed in the year AD 45 ADand was the first Apostle to die for Christ. His body was translated to Spain where his [[relics]] continue to work [[miracle]]s even to this day.

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