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[[Image:Annunciation.jpg|100px|The Annunciation to the Theotokos]]<br>[[File:Unburnt Bush.JPG|100px|The Most Holy Theotokos the Burning Bush]]<br> [[File:Tikhon of Moscow icon.jpg|100px|New Hieroconfessor Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia]]<br>[[File:Bishop-Germanos-1821.jpg|100px|Bp. Germanos proclaiming independence on March 25, 1821, at the Monastery of Agia Lavra]]</div> The '''[[Annunciation]]''' to of Our Most Holy Lady, the [[Theotokos]] and Ever-Virgin Mary (''one of the [[Great Feasts]] of the [[Orthodox Church]]''); Martyrs Pelagia, Theodosia, and Dula of Nicomedia, who suffered under Valentinian (361);The Holy Martyr who was formerly an executioner;Venerable Sennouphios the Standard-bearer, of [[w:Church of Hosios David|Latomos Monastery]] in Thessalonica (9th c.);Venerable Timon the Hermit (10th c.);Saint [[Dismas the thief|Dismas the Good Thief]], crucified next to Christ (1st c.);Holy 262 Martyrs of Rome;Martyr Quirinus of Tegernsee (''Quirinus of Rome''), in Rome under Claudius II (c. 269);Martyr Irenaeus of Sirmium, Bishop in Pannonia (Hungary), under Diocletian (304);Saint Caimin of Inis Cealtra, Bishop-Abbot of Inis Cealtra and possibly the first Bishop of Killaloe (653);Saint Humbert of Maroilles (c. 680);Saint Hermenland, monk at Fontenelle, ordained priest and sent with twelve monks to establish a new monastery on the island of Aindre (Indret) (c. 720);Saints Barontius and Desiderius (c. 725);Saint Kennocha (''Kyle, Enoch''), nun at a convent in Fife, held in great veneration in Scotland, especially around Glasgow (1007);Saint Alfwold (''Ælfwold II of Sherborne''), monk at Winchester who was chosen as Bishop of Sherborne in 1045 (1058);Saint Nicander, hermit, of [[Pskov-Caves Monastery|Pskov]] (1581) (''see also [[September 24]]'');Venerable Parthenius of the [[Kiev Caves]] (1855); Venerable [[Savvas the Newof Kalymnos]] (1947) (''see also [[March 24]]; [[April 7]] -MartyrGreek; and on fifth Sunday of Great Lent''); Saint [[Justin Popovich|Justin (Popovic)]], Archimandrite of Ćelije Monastery in Serbia and Confessor of Traditional Orthodoxy (1979) (''see also [[June 1]] '');New Hieroconfessor [[Tikhon of Moscow|Tikhon]], [[Patriarch]] of Moscow and all Russia (1925) (''see also [[April 7]]''); repose '''Icons:'''Synaxis of Schema-hieromonk the Most Holy Theotokos the [[Parthenius of KievBurning Bush]]; , on [[SaintMount Sinai]] (''Our Lady of the Burning Bush'');Synaxis of the Most Holy Theotokos Evangelístria, kept at the monastery of Aliartos in Boeotia;Synaxis of the Most Holy Theotokos of Kypera, kept at the monastery of the Panagia on the island of Cephalonia;"Annunciation" Icon of the Mother of God (16th c.);'''Other Commemorations:'''Greek Independence Day: Proclamation of Greek independence on March 25, 1821, blessed by Metropolitan [[Alfwold Germanos of SherbournePatra|AlfwoldGermanos III of Old Patras]], at the Monastery of [[BishopMonastery of Holy Lavra (Kalavryta, Greece)|Agia Lavra]] of Sherbourne. <noinclude>[[Category:Calendar day templates|March 25]]</noinclude>

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