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Justinian (Ovchinnikov) of Kalmykia and Elista

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Abp. Justinian was born on [[January 28]], 1961 in Kosterevo, Vladimir Oblast. After completing his secondary education, in 1978, he entered Ivanovo State University, graduating in 1983. From July 1983 to July 1984, he served as senior [[subdeacon]] of [[Archbishop]] Amvrosy (Shchurov) of Ivanovo and Kineshma. In 1984, he entered the [[Moscow Theological Academy and Seminary|Moscow Theological Seminary]], taking time out to serve in the Soviet army in 1985 and 1986. After returning from the army, he continued his studies at the Moscow Seminary from 1986 to 1988 while serving as subdeacon to the rector of the [[seminary]], Bishop Alexander (Timofeyev) of Dmitrov.
On [[March 24]], 1988, he received his monastic [[tonsure]] and name, Justinian, after Justinian the Great. He was [[ordination|ordained]] [[deacon]] on [[June 26]], 1988, followed on by his ordination as and then [[hieromonk]] on [[June 26]], 1988. Also, in 1988 Hmk. Justinian entered the Theological Institute in Bucharest, Romania from which he graduated in 1992 with the degree of Master of Theology. After his graduation he returned to serve in the Department of External Church External Relations Department, during which time he also served as senior [[priest]] in Holy Trinity Cathedral in Kalinin (Tver). In 1992, he was also elevated to the dignity of hegumen and served from [[November 18]], 1992 to September 1995 as Father Superior of the Ascension Cathedral in Tver.
He was [[consecration of a bishop|consecrated]] a [[bishop]] in Donskoy monastery in Moscow on [[September 1]], 1995, as Bishop of Dubossary, Vicar of the Diocese of Kishinev. On [[October 6]], 1998 he was appointed Bishop of the newly established [[Diocese of Tiraspol (Transnistria)|Diocese of Tiraspol and Dubossary]]. On [[February 25]], 2008, Bp. Bishop Justinian was elevated to the rank of [[Archbishop]].
On [[March 5]], 2010, the [[Holy Synod]] of Russian Orthodox Church appointed Archbishop Justinian administrator of Patriarchal parishes in the USA with the title of Archbishop of Naro-Fominsk.

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