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Ansgar was born in Amiens. He had for a period resided with the [[baptism|baptized]] Danish king Harald Klak, and when Louis the Pious at Worms in 829 was requested by two representatives from Sweden and the Swedish king Björn at Hauge, he appointed Ansgar [[missionary]]. The representatives had claimed that the several Swedes were willing to [[conversion|convert]] to Christianity. Ansgar arrived at Birka in 829, with his aide friar Witmar, and a small [[congregation]] was formed in 831, which included the king's own steward Hergeir as the most prominent member. The see of Hamburg was designated a "Mission to bring Christianity to the North," and thus St. Ansgar became known as the ''Apostle of the North''.
He died in 865 in Bremen. His [[hagiography]] was written by his successor as [[archbishop]], Rimbertof Turholt, in ''Vita Ansgari''.
A statue dedicated to him stands in Hamburg, and a stone cross at Birka.
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