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Church of Greece

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The '''Church of Greece''', also called the '''Greek Orthodox Church''', is one of the fourteen [[autocephaly|autocephalous]] churches of the Orthodox Christian communion, whose territory consists of the whole of Greece except for those parts which belong to the [[Patriarchate of Constantinople]], such as the Dodecanese and [[Archdiocese of Crete|Crete]]. Though bishops of the "new lands" (those that were liberated from 1912 and afterward) are members of the [[Holy Synod]] of the Church of Greece, they commemorate the Patriarch of Constantinople in the divine services. Though it is also called the '''Greek Orthodox Church''' this reference is not restricted to the Church of Greece since it is also used by some of the Churches and Archbishoprics under the Patriarchate of Constantinople around the world.
The current [[primate]] of the Church of Greece is His Beatitude [[Ieronymos II (Liapis) of Athens|Ieronymos II (Liapis)]], Archbishop of Athens and All Greece.

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