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Moses the Hungarian

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'''Moses the Hungarian''' ({{lang-ru|Моисей Угрин}} - ''Moisey Ugrin''; {{lang-hu|Magyar Mózes}}; died [[July 26]], 1043) was a [[w:Kievan Rus'|Kievan Russian]] [[monk ]] of [[w:Hungarians|Hungarian]] origin. He is venerated as a [[saint]] by the [[Eastern Orthodox Church]].
Moses was born around 990-995. He probably left [[w:Transylvania|Transylvania]] to serve the [[w:Grand Duke of Kiev|princely family]] in [[Kiev]]. Between 1015 and 1018, already preparing to become a monk, he was in the escort of [[w:Family life and children of Vladimir I|Predslava]], the daughter of [[Vladimir I of Kiev]] and sister of the future Prince [[w:Yaroslav I the Wise|Yaroslav I the Wise]]<ref name="ivancso">{{hu icon}} István Ivancsó, [ "Egy elfelejtett szent: Magyar Mózes" ("Moses the Hungarian: a Forgotten Saint")], in [ ''Aetas'']; retrieved [[November 5]], 2007</ref>.
Following the [[w:History of Poland (966–1385)|Polish]] [[w:Kiev Expedition (1018)|expedition of 1018]], he was carried to Poland as a prisoner and could only return in 1025. Moses spent the rest of his life in the [[Monastery of the Kiev Cave MonasteryCaves]].<ref name="ivancso"/>
Although the Hungarians were mostly [[paganism|pagan ]] when he was born, and later they became an Orthodox Christian, the Hungarian chieftain of Transylvania, the [[w:Gyula II|Gyula]], was [[baptism|baptized ]] in [[Constantinople]], which made it possible for Moses to travel to Kiev and settle there.
== Sources Source ==
* [ Egy elfelejtett szent: Magyar Mózes]

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