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Stefan Wu Zhiquan

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Archpriest '''Stefan Wu Zhiquan''' (大司祭斯特梵·吴志全神父; 1925-1970) was archpriest of [[Chinese Orthodox Church]]
Fr . Stefan Wu was a Chinese born in [[w:Beijing|Beijing]] at the [[Russian Orthodox Mission in China|Mission]] on [[January 28]], 1925. The Russians also knew him by his Manchu surname Min.
He undertook theological training and served as [[reader]] in Ss . Peter & Paul church Church in Hong Kong. Fr . Stefan was musically trained as a choir director.
As a [[priest]], he served as the last rector in Harbin at St . Alexis church.
During the "[[w:Cultural Revolution|Cultural Revolution]]" on [[May 17]], 1970, he died in a Harbin prison after 3 years of incarceration and much suffering.
Before his temple they have put had placed a table covered with sharp rubble, and on rubble they have put Archpriest Stefan on his knees. They have dressed him in clown's dressing gown, on his head they put up a cap, filled with metal shavings. His face was smeared with soot. During two days Father Stefan was beaten over the head with a wooden hammer. Also, he was beaten with steel sticks rods on shoulders, they . His tormentors spat on his cross, till, until half-dead, he was taken to a prison hospital. They treated him lightly there and in the same prison they shot him.
Remains of the new [[martyr are resting ]] rest in Orthodox cemetery Sankeshu near Harbin. His grave is currently located at the Huangshan Russian Orthodox Cemetery.
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