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Theophilus (Ionescu) of Sèvres

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In 1938, Patriarch [[Miron (Cristea)]] appointed him rector of the Romanian Holy Archangels Parish in Paris.
In 1942, he was elevated to [[mitermitreMiter|mitre]]d [[archimandrite]], a rare distinction in the Romanian Church.
In 1945, the communist hold on the church authorities in Romania forced them to remove Archimandrite Teofil from his position at the parish in Paris. He moved to the United States, and became priest at the Saint Symeon Romanian Church in Detroit. He was elected president of the Diocesan Council (the previous Bishop for the Romanian Orthodox in America, [[:en:Polycarp Morusca|Polycarp]] {Pompei Morusca, 1883-1958}, had returned to Romania and was not allowed by the government to leave Romania to return to the US).

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