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Orthodox Seminary of Kuopio

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The '''Orthodox Seminary of Kuopio''' provides the theological education of the [[clergy]] for the [[Church of Finland]] in coordination with the department of Orthodox Theology of the [[w:University_of_Eastern_Finland|University of Eastern Finland]].
The Church of Finland established a [[seminary]] in 1918 after Finland gained independence from Russia and the Bolsheviks who had assumed power in Russia. The seminary provided a full curriculum of studies until 1988 when, through agreement with the University of Joensuu, those students preparing to serve the Church began to receive a large part of their theological training at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology of the University of Joensuu. The seminary, which is attached to the Archbishop's chancery in Kuopio, continues to provide liturgical training and spiritual direction for the theological students under the guidance of the [[archbishop]]. 

In January 2009, the University of Joensuu merged with the University of Kuopio to form the University of Eastern Finland.

*[ The Orthodox Church of Finland]

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