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Germanos (Karavaggelis) of Amaseia

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His Eminence '''Germanos (Karavaggelis)''', (Greek: Γερμανός Καραβαγγέλης), was a hierarch under the [[jurisdiction]] of the [[Church of Constantinople]]. He was the Metropolitan of the [[Metropolis of Kastoria]] from 1900 to 1908 during the time he was an active participant in the Greek Struggle for Macedonia, favoring the Greek position against that of the Bulgarians, as the [[Ottoman Empire]] was disintegrating prior to World War I. He was among the candidates for election to the [[see]] of Constantinople in 1921.

Stylianos Karavangelis was born on [[June 16]], 1866 in Stipsi on the Island of Lesbos in the Aegean Sea. Little is known of his early life. He had a brother and six sisters. His grandfather had taken part in the Greek revolution of 1821. Stylianos studied at the [[Theological School of Halki]] at which he later taught religious history. He held a position as a suffragan [[bishop]] in Pera in Constantinople. In 1900, he was appointed the Metropolitan of Kastoria in the name of the Greek state by the ambassador of Greece Nikolaos Mavrokordatos. The metropolis was then part of the mixed ethnic area of Macedonia in the Ottoman Empire and is now located in the periphery of West Macedonia, Greece.

His activities supporting Greek interests during the Macedonian Struggle in Macedonia in the first decade of the twentieth century resulted in the demand, in 1907, by the Ottoman Turks for his removal from Macedonia. After his removal in 1908, Metr. Germanos was elected to the see of Amaseia in Pontus. In the election of a new [[patriarch]] of Constantinople in 1921, Metr. Germanos' name was included in the final three-member candidate list with Metropolitans Nikolaos of Caesarea and [[Meletius IV (Metaxakis) of Constantinople|Meletius of Athens]][]. In 1923 after the exchange of populations, he was elected the Metropolitan of the Metropolis of Ioannina by the [[Church of Constantinople|Ecumenical Patriarchate]], followed in 1924, with an appointed as the Exarch for the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Vienna, Austria.

Metr. Germanos reposed on [[February 11]], 1935 in Vienna, Austria.

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