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Abdallah Ibn Al-Fadl

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'''Abu al-Fath Abdallah ibn al-Fadl ibn Abdallah al-Mutran al-Antaki ''' (Arabic عبد الله بن الفضل بن عبد الله المطران الانطاكي) was a [[deacon ]] and translator active in Antioch during the middle of the 11th century, during a period of renewed Byzantine rule over the city. He was responsible for a large number of patristic translations, as well as original theological and philosophical works. Little is known of his life, apart from what can be gleaned from manuscripts of his texts. He was a deacon and the grandson of a [[bishop]]. He received an excellent education in both Arabic and Greek, having studied Arabic grammar with the famous poet Abul ʿAla Al-Maʿarri. Several of his works and translations were commissioned by notables from Antioch and neighboring cities in [[Muslim ]] territory.
1. The Book of Benefit(Kitab al-Manfa‘a)
2. Discourse on the [[Holy Trinity]](Kalam fi l-lahut)
3. Book of the Joy of the Believer (Kitab Bahjat al-Mu'min)
5. Questions and Responses on the Trinity and the Incarnation(Masa'il wa-Ajwiba hawla al-Tathlith wa-l-Ittihad)
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