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Sergius (Korolyov) of Kazan

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Arkady Dimitrievich Korolev was born on [[January 18]], 1881 into a religious family in the Moscow region. He attended theological [[seminary]] at the [[Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra]] before continuing his education at the [[Moscow Theological Academy and Seminary|Moscow Theological Academy]], graduating in 1905.
After entering the Yablochinsky [[Monastery]] in the Diocese of Kholm, Arkady was [[tonsure]]d a [[monk]] on [[June 7]], 1907 by Bishop [[Eulogius (Georgievsky) of Paris|Eulogius]] of Kholm]] and given the name Sergius. [[ordination|Ordained]] a hieromonk in 1908, he joined into the [[missionary]] program of the monastery, mainly among the [[Union of Brest|Uniates]] of the area. In 1914, Father Sergius was elevated to the dignity of [[archimandrite]] and appointed assistant [[abbot]] of the monastery.
With the start of World War I in 1914, the monastery was evacuated as it was near the battle line between the Russian and Austro-Hungarian Empires. After the war ended, Archim. Sergius was [[consecration of a bishop|consecrated]] in 1920 to the [[episcopate]] as Bishop of Belsk, a [[see]] that, following the peace treaties, was part of the nation of Poland. As Bp. Sergius opposed the proposed [[autocephaly]] of the Orthodox [[Church of Poland|Church in Poland]], he was arrested in 1922 and deported from Poland to Czechoslovakia where Metropolitan [[Eulogius (Georgievsky) of Paris|Eulogius]] of Western Europe under ROCOR assigned Bp. Sergius as his [[vicar]] [[Bishop]] of Prague.

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