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The self-styled '''"Russian Orthodox Church Abroad - Provisional Supreme Church Authority"''' (PSCA, Русская православная церковь заграницей - Временное высшее центральное управление) is a body composed of [[parish]]es from the [[ROCOR]] who refused to enter into [[communion]] with the [[Church of Russia|Moscow Patriarchate]] in May of 2007. Like the ROCOR before the union, they have maintained communion with the [[Holy Synod in Resistance]] under Metropolitan Cyprian of Fili and their sister churches. The current head of the [[jurisdiction]] is Metropolitan [[Agafangel (Pashkovsky) of Odessa]]. Unlike ROCOR, they are not in communion with any canonical Orthodox Church, while even prior to reconciliation with the Moscow Patriarchate, ROCOR had maintained communion and concelebrations with the [[Church of Serbia]], and the [[Church of Jerusalem|Jerusalem Patriarchate]].

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