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Stephanos (Matakoulias) of Triphylia and Olympia

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Stephanos (Matakoulias) was born in 1915 in Athens, Greece. After completing his basic education, he continued his studies in theology. Upon his entry into the [[Holy Orders]], he was [[ordination|ordained]] deacon in 1939, receiving the name Stephanos. Dcn. Stephanos was ordained a [[priest]] in 1942. Father Stephanos was elected to the [[episcopate]] in 1960 and was [[consecration of a bishop|consecrated]] metropolitan of the Metropolis of Triphylia and Olympia.
Metr. Stephanos was noted as writer and composer of ecclesiastical hymns. He remained metropolitan of Triphylia and Olympia until his retirement in early 2007. Metr. Stephanos reposed on [[December 25]], 2007]] at the age of 92.
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