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Timeline of Orthodoxy in Japan

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*1875: The first mission school away from Tokyo was opened in Osaka which became the center for Orthodoxy in southern part of Japan. The second general council of the Church was convened on [[July 12]]. At the council, the first Japanese were chosen to be [[ordination|ordained]] as [[clergy]]: Paul Sawabe as a priest and John Sakai as a deacon. Ordinations were made by Bishop Paul of East Siberia.
*1878: Fr. Vladimir Sokolovsky, a graduate of [[Kazan Theological Academy|Kazan Academy]] becomes dean of the Russian language school at Kanda Surugadai.
*1880: Archimandrite Nicholas is consecrated Bishop of Revel, an [[Auxiliary bishop|auxiliary]] of the Archdiocese of Riga. Bp. Nicholas established the [[Tokyo Orthodox Seminary (Tokyo, Japan)|Tokyo Seminary]] by merging the mission and language schools.
*1882: Bp. Nicholas of Japan ordained the first Chinese Orthodox priest, Fr. Mitrophan Yang, for the Russian Orthodox Mission in Beijing, China, on [[June 29]], 1882 in Tokyo, Japan.
*1883: The Orthodox Church in Japan was served by 311 Japansese priests and 106 evangelists.
==After Nicholas of Japan (1912-1945)==
*1917: The revolutions in Russia caused loss of financial support for the Church of Japan.
*1923: The Great Kanto earthquake of [[September 1]] caused severe damage to Holy Resurrection Cathedral and other building buildings of the cathedral complex. Abp. Sergius expends major effort to raise funds and restore the cathedral.
*1929: The re-built Holy Resurrection Cathedral is re-consecrated on [[December 15]].
*1931: Abp. Sergius is elevated to Metropolitan of All Japan by the Holy Synod of Russia.
*1999: Frs. [[Daniel (Nushiro) of Japan|Daniel (Nushiro)]], [[Seraphim (Tsujie) of Sendai|Seraphim (Tsujie)]] and [[Peter (Arihara) of Yokohoma|Peter (Arihara)]] are consecrated Bishop of Kyoto, Sendai and Yokohama respectively. Metr. Theodosius (Nagashima) dies, and is succeeded by [[Daniel (Nushiro) of Japan|Daniel (Nushiro]]) as Archbishop of Tokyo and Metropolitan of All Japan.
*2000: Bp. [[Daniel (Nushiro) of Japan|Daniel (Nushiro)]] is enthroned Archbishop of Tokyo and Metropolitan of All Japan by Patr. [[Alexei II (Ridiger) of Moscow|Alexei II]] of Moscow and All Russia, who traveled personally to Japan to enthrone the new Metropolitan on [[May 14]], the first time a Russian Patriarch had ever visited the country; Bp. [[Peter (Arihara) of Yokohoma|Peter (Arihara)]] dies.
*2008: Abp. Nicholas (Saiama) of Ramenskoe reposed at St. Sophis Sophia Monastery and was buried in Gaijin Botchi.

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