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Andrew (Rymarenko) of Rockland

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'''Archbishop Andrew''' ({{lang-ru|Архиепископ Андрей}}, secular name '''Adrian Adrianovich Rymarenko''', {{lang-ru|Адриан Адрианович Рымаренко}}; 15 (27) March 1893, [[w:Romny|Romny]], [[w:Poltava Governorate|Poltava Governorate]] - July 12, 1978, [[w:Spring Valley|Spring Valley]], New York) was [[bishop ]] of the [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia]], bishop of Rockland, vicar of [[Diocese of Eastern American and New York (ROCOR)|Eastern-American diocese]].
== Biography ==
Therefore there must be a constant source of life. Just as the earth and its vital juices constantly nourish vegetation, so our life also must be ceaselessly nourished by that elemental power which the Church of Christ gives, which is incarnated in the Orthodox way of life, in the Divine services, in fasting, in prayer, in vigils, in all that which embodies our Holy Russia. This is the elemental power which places in the mouth of the man who is leaving his earthly existence the last words, ‘Into Thy hands I commend my spirit’, and gives him the possibility to depart into eternal existence with the name of Christ.”
In 1968, Matushka Eugenia reposed in the Lord and in feburary 1968 fr Adrian was tontured monk and consencrased a bishop. As a bishop, Vladyka Andrew continued to live in [[Novo-Diveevo]]. He was the spiritual father of Metropolitan [[Philaret (Voznesensky) of New York|Philaret]], and counseled many other members of the Church, both Russian and English-speaking.
In 1973, in day of his birth he was elevated to the dignity of [[Archbishop]].
The last day in the life of Vladyka Andrew was the feast of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul. The weather was hot. He received Communion reverently, as he did on all Sundays and feastdays. He was very weak, and lay down surrounded by the people most devoted to him, waiting for the long-awaited hour.
== Sources ==

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