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Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia

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independence=1951, 1998 |
recognition=1951 by [[Church of Russia|Moscow]], 1998 by [[Church of Constantinople|Constantinople]] |
primate=vacant, Abp [[Simeon (Jakovljević) of Brno and Olomouc|Simeon]] ''[[locum tenens]]''|
hq=Prešov, Slovakia|
territory=Czech Republic and Slovakia|
The '''Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia''' is a [[autocephaly|self-governing body]] of the Orthodox Christian church that territorially covers the countries of the Czech Republic and the Republic of Slovakia. The [[primate]] was His Beatitude, Metropolitan [[Christopher (Pulets) of Prague|Christopher of Prague]] and the Czech Lands and Slovakia, who was elected on [[May 2]], 2006 until his resignation on April 12, 2013. Archbishop [[Simeon (Jakovljević) of Brno and Olomouc|Simeon (Jakovljević)]] is currently the locum tenens until the election of a new primate is held.
After the Czech and Slovak Republics separated into independent republics in 1993, activity continued in each country as separate legal entities: in the Czech Republic as the '''Orthodox Church in the Czech Lands''' and in the Slovak Republic as the '''Orthodox Church in Slovakia''', but canonical unity was maintained as the '''Orthodox Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia'''. The church is now organized into four [[eparchy|eparchies]] divided into two administrative centers: the Metropolitan Council for the Czech Republic resident in Prague and the Metropolitan Council for the Slovak Republic in Presov. Under the Council in Prague are the eparchies of Prague and Olomouc-Brno, while the eparchies of Presov, and Michalovce are under the Council for Slovakia.
After the repose of His Beatitude, [[Metropolitan]] [[Dorotheus (Filipp) of Prague|Dorotheus]] of Prague and All Czechoslovakia, [[Archbishop]] Nicholas of Presov was elected the new metropolitan, and the church's primatial see was moved from Prague to Presov. Metr. Nicholas reposed on [[January 30]], 2006, and was replaced by Archbishop Christopher of Prague and the Czech Lands (elected [[May 2]], 2006). Metr. Christopher resigned in April 2013 amidst allegations of wrongdoings, and the present ''locum tenens'' is Abp [[Simeon (Jakovljević) of Brno and Olomouc|Simeon of Brno and Olomouc]], the senior bishop of the Church.
In the Czech Republic, there are 82 [[parish]]es, with 51 in Bohemia and 31 in Moravia and Silesia. In the Republic of Slovakia, there are 69 parishes in the [[eparchy]] of Presov and 21 in the eparchy of Michalovce. The Orthodox Theological Faculty of the University of Presov provides an education for future [[priest]]s of the combined Church. The faculty maintains a detached branch in Olomouc.
The Monastery of St. Procopius of Sazava is located in Most, and that of the Dormition in Vilemov.

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