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Assumption of the Virgin Monastery (Bachkovo, Bulgaria)

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As the sixteenth century ended, reconstruction of the monastery began, first with the eastern wing and the fortified main entrance. The southern wing was rebuilt in 1601 with its spacious dining hall, and in 1604, the Assumption of the Virgin [[Cathedral]] was built, with its three [[nave]]s, [[apse]], [[narthex]], and a cupola. The wall-paintings of the dining hall, that were finished in 1603 by an unknown painter, are impressive for their artistic value. In 1864, a mural, “The Presentation of the Miraculous Icon”, was painted on the northern wall of the dining hall. Along with the beautiful frescoes in the church, the [[icon]] of Virgin Mary Eleusa, that is believed to be wonder-working, has drawn the attention of most visitors. This miraculous icon dates from 1310 and was a gift to the monastery by two Georgian travelers Atanasii and Okrapir. In addition to the main church, the monastery complex also contains two smaller [[shrine]]s. One from the thirteenth/fourteenth century is dedicated to the Holy Archangels and stands in the northern part of the inner yard, next to the main church. The other, dedicated to St. Nikola, is of more recent vintage, built in 1834-1837. It displays paintings that included some by the Bulgarian artist Zahari Zograf who in 1841 also completed the frescoes on the exterior of the Holy Archangels Church.
The monastery is the burial site of the Exarch of Bulgaria, Metropolitan Stefan I and Patriarch [[Cyril (MinkovMarkov) of Bulgaria|Cyril (Markov)]].

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