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Ambrose (Khelaia) the Confessor

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Besarion Khelaia was born on [[September 7]], 1861 in Martvili, Georgia. He received his primary education at the theological school in Samegrelo, before entering the Tiblisi Theological Seminary. After his graduation in 1885, Besarion married, and then was [[ordination|ordained ]] to the [[Holy Orders]] later that year. Fr. Besarion served as [[priest]] in Abkhazia for eight years in Sukhumi, New Athos, and Lykhy. In addition to his priestly duties, Fr. Besarion taught the Georgian language and participated in a number of philanthropic organizations. He also published a series of articles under the pseudonym of Amber denouncing the policy of Russification in Abkhazia.
In 1896, Fr. Besarion's wife died. In 1897, he enrolled in the [[Kazan Theological Academy]]. During his time at the academy, Fr. Besarion was interested in both the literary-cultural life of Kazan and in Georgian national independence. His research in the primary sources about the history of Georgia produced several essays including one entitled "The Struggle Between Christianity and Islam in Georgia". One professor recommended that he continue on that theme and present his research for a master's degree.

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