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Panteleimon (Kutovoy) of Krasnoyarsk

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In 1980, he entered the [[St. Petersburg Theological Academy|Leningrad Theological Seminary]]. In 1985, he was [[ordination|ordained]] a [[priest]]. Then, in 1986 Fr. Nikolai was appointed the rector of Holy Trinity Cathedral in Vyazma and dean of the Vyazemsky district in the [[Diocese]] of Smolensk. During the first week of Lent in 1987, Fr. Nicolai was [[tonsure]]d a [[monk]] with the name Panteleimon.
During the period of 1987 to 1993, Fr. Panteleimon took courses at the [[Moscow Theological Academy and Seminary|Moscow Theological Academy]] while continuing his pastoral duties. In 1988, he was made an [[abbot]] and, in 1989. he was appointed rector of the Church in honor of the Mother of God "All the Afflicted" in Desnogorsk in the Diocese of Smolensk. On [[January 7]], 1991, Fr. Panteleimon was appointed rector of St. Nicholas Cathedral in Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea. In 1993, after he was elevated to the dignity of [[archimandrite]] ArchiArchim. Panteleimon was [[consecration of a bishop|consecrated]] Bishop of the Baltic Baltiysk in the Assumption Cathedral in Smolensk on [[May 2]].
On [[December 28]], 2000, Bp. Panteleimon was appointed Bishop of Maikop and Adygei. Then, on [[May 27]], 2009, the [[Holy Synod]] of the Church of Russia appointed Bp. Panteleimon to the [[see]] of Orel.

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