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[[Image:Pantokrator_of_Sinai.jpg|100px|Our Lord Jesus Christ]]
</div> [[Veneration]] of the Precious Chains of the holy and all-glorious [[Apostle Peter|Peter]] (''Liberation of SaintPeter''); [[Martyr]]s Speusippus, Eleusippus and Melapsippus, Cappadocian triplets, and their grandmother Leonilla, and with them Neon, Turbo, and Jonilla, in Cappadocia (ca.161-180);Martyr Danax the [[Reader]] of [[Apostle w:Vlorë|Avlona]], in Illyria (2nd c.);Saint Priscilla, who hosted St. Petercirca AD 42, at her villa near the Roman catacomb - [[w:Catacomb of Priscilla|PeterCatacomb of Priscilla]](1st c.); Pope Marcellus I, Pope of Rome from 308 to 309, suffered for confessing the faith (309) - (''see also [[RighteousJune 7]] in the East'');Venerable Honoratus of Arles, Archbishop of Arles and founder of Lerins Monastery (429);Saint James of Tarentaise, first Bishop of [[Hierodeaconw:Ancient Diocese of Tarentaise|Tarentaise]] Macarius (429);Saint Valerius, Bishop of KalogerasSorrento (ca.453);Saint Liberata, sister of St Epiphanius of Pavia in Italy and St Honorata (5th c.); Saint Honoratus of Fondi, founder of the monastery of Fondi in Italy (6th c.);Saint Triverius, hermit (550);Saint Fulgentius of Cartagena, Bishop of Cartagena and Ecija (Astigi), in Hispania (633);Martyr Sigeberht of East Anglia, King of the East Angles (635) - (''see also [[January 25]]'');Saint Fursey, Irish missionary monk of Burgh Castle (East Anglia), Lagny, and Peronne (Gaul) (650);Saint Titian of Oderzo, a Bishop near Venice in Italy for thirty years (650);Saint Ferréol of Grenoble, Bishop of Grenoble (ca.670);Saint Dunchaid O'Braoin (''Dúnchad ua Bráein''), [[w:Abbot of Clonmacnoise|Abbot of Clonmacnoise]] (988);Saint Romilus the Sinaite, the [[Hesychast]] of Ravenica, [[monk]] of [[Mount Athos]], [[and disciple]] of St. Gregory of Sinai, and with him Saints Nestor, Martinius, Daniel, Sisoes, Zosimas, and Gregory(1375); Blessed Maximus of Totma in Vologda, [[MartyrFool-for-Christ]]s Speusippus, Eleusippus, and Meleusippus the brothers, their grandmother Leonilla, and with them Neon, Turbo, and the woman Jonilla [[Wonderworker]] (Jovilla1650), in Cappadocia; Martyr Danax the Saint [[ReaderGerasimus II (Palladas) of Alexandria]] in Macedonia, Patriarch of Alexandria (1714); New [[Hieromartyr]] Damascene Damaskinos of [[w:Gabrovo|Gabrovo]], Hieromonk of [[Chilandari Monastery (Athos)|Chilandar]] on [[Mount Athos; Blessed Maximus of Totma (Vologda), [[Fool-for-Christ]]; Saint Honoratus, at [[Archbishop]] of Arles and founder of Lerins [[Monasteryw:Svishtov|Svishtovo]](1771); [[New-Martyr]] Damaskinos Hieromartyr Nicholas of GabrovoMytilene, BulgariaPriest (1777); Saint FurseyNew Hieromartyr John, Priest (1919);'''Other Commemorations:'''Repose of Elder Theodore of Irkutsk (1923);Repose of Priest Demetrius Gagastathis of [[Abbotw:Platanos, Aetolia-Acarnania|Platanos]] of Burgh Castle, Trikala (1975). <noinclude>[[Category:Calendar day templates|January 16]]</noinclude>

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