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* [[Patrick Henry Reardon|Reardon, Fr. Patrick Henry]], ''Creation and the Patriarchal Histories: Orthodox Christian Reflections on the Book of Genesis.'' Conciliar Press, 2008. ISBN 9781888212969
:— According to the review by Fr. Hans Jacobse, editor of, the author writes that the structures of philosophical materialism (evolutionary theory and its flip-side, scientific creationism), both miss the point; that Genesis reveals that the creation is ''logo-centric'' -- it was created by the Word of God, and it is held together by the Word of God's power. The word of Scripture, then, is primarily a literary text, not history (itself a narrative) or a scientific tract.
*[[Seraphim Rose|Rose, Fr Seraphim]], ''Genesis, Creation, and Early Man'' — Contains a detailed examination of Patristic teaching related cosmology and anthropology as contrasted to the discussion theory of evolution and argues along the lines of modern creation science. '''Incompatibilist'''
*Woloschak, Gayle, ''Beauty and Unity in Creation: The evolution of life.'' (Minneapolis: Light and Life, 1996) — Primer on the relationship between evolutionary biology and Orthodoxy by a scientist. ISBN 1880971275 '''Compatibilist'''

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