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[[Image:Edward the Martyr.jpg|100px|Saint Edward the Martyr]]<br>[[File:15806010-2-.jpg|100px|St. Mary of Paris]]</div> The 10,000 Martyrs of Nicomedia (''Myriads of Holy Martyrs''), by the sword;[[SaintMartyr]] s Trophimus and Eucarpion, soldiers, at Nicomedia, and those with them (300);Saint [[Cyril of Jerusalem|Cyril]], [[Patriarch]] of Jerusalem(386); Venerable Ananias the Wonderworker (''Aninas of the Euphrates''), Hieromonk;Saint [[Edward the Martyr]]Daniel, monk of Egypt (6th c.);Saints Narcissus and Felix, a Bishop and his Deacon honoured as martyrs in Gerona, Catalonia, Spain (ca.307);Saint Tetricus, Bishop of Langres in Gaul (572);Saint Frediano of Ireland (''Frigidanus, Frigdianus''), prince and hermit, King and Bishop of EnglandLucca (588); Saint Egbertof Ripon, [[monk]] of Ripon(729); Saint Finan of Aberdeen, [[discipleEdward the Martyr]] , King of St. Kentigern England (see [[January 14]]978); Saint Frediano Cyril of IrelandAstrakhan (1576);New Hieromartyr Demetrius, Priest (1938);Virgin-martyr Natalia (1938);Saint [[BishopMaria (Skobtsova)]] of Lucca(''Elizabeth Pilenko''), nun, Italywho suffered at Ravensbrück concentration camp (1945); '''Other Commemorations:'''Repose of Abbot Mark of [[MartyrOptina Monastery]]s Trophymos and Eukarpos (1909);Repose of Nicomedia and those with them; Saint St. [[Nikolai Velimirovic|Nicholas of Zhicha]], Bishop of Žiča in Serbiaat Libertyville, Illinois (1956). <noinclude>[[Category:Calendar day templates|March 18]]</noinclude>

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