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Martyr Mertius of Mauretania (284-305);
Martyr Philotheus of Antioch (ca. 305);
Martyr Peter Apselamus of [[w:Eleutheropolis|Eleutheropolis]] in Palestine (309) - (''see also [[January 13]], and [[October 14]]'');
Venerable Eupraxia of Tabenna in Egypt (393);
Saints Tygrius the Presbyter, and Eutropius the Lector, at Constantinople (ca. 395-408);
Saint Caesaria, the gifted sister of St Caesarius of Arles and Abbess (ca.530);
Saint Victorian of Asan, founder and abbot of the monastery of Asan (now called San Vitorián) (ca. 560);
Saint Eilian of Rome (''Eilian of Anglesey''), (6th c.) - (''see also [[January 13]]'');
Saint Salvius (''Sauve''), Bishop of Amiens, his relics were enshrined in Montreuil in Picardy (ca. 625);
Saint Benedict Biscop (''St. Benet''), [[Bishop]] and Abbot of Wearmouth and Confessor (690);

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